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April 11, 2017: Osceola County Expressway Authority Board Meeting
The following recommendation from the Osceola Parkway extension PD&E study was presented to the Osceola County Expressway Authority: Based on the advantages and disadvantages of the No-Build and Recommended Build Alternative, it is recommended that the Recommended Build Alternative, comprised of W-4A2, C-1 and E-5A2B, be constructed. A copy of the presentation can be found here.

Following the presentation: Treasurer Tom White commented that there is a local agreement with CFX and presented a motion to accept the report from Kimley Horn and further the build option thru CFX for further review and analysis as required under that interlocal agreement, seconded by Mr. Folsom. Motion passed unanimously.

The local agreement with the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) referenced above calls for CFX to conduct a Concept and Feasibility Study of Osceola Parkway Extension. CFX has initiated this study, as well as studies for other OCX Master Plan segments. Additional information regarding these studies can be found on the CFX website here.

The Osceola County Expressway Authority (OCX) conducted a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study that evaluated corridors for the extension of the Osceola Parkway from west of Boggy Creek Road to the proposed Northeast Connector Expressway. The study also included the Boggy Creek Road/SR 417 Access Road. The purpose of this PD&E Study was to respond to future travel demand, promote system linkage/network connectivity, and enhance overall traffic operations within the study area.

In anticipation of the county’s population growth, community leaders developed a plan for a beltway system of new roadways (see Osceola County Beltway System map) to meet the area’s transportation needs and facilitate traffic flow for residents, visitors, and truckers delivering goods in and around the area. The Osceola Parkway Extension (shown on the County Beltway map in burgundy, and labeled with ) is part of this beltway system.

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