Quick and Easy Violin Mute


One of the reasons I picked up the violin was because it was easier to travel with than a guitar (not that I haven’t found some nice travel guitars, but that’s another story). It fits in an airplane overhead and is easy to carry!

However, I want to be considerate of the folks in the rooms around me when I’m playing in my hotel room. I decided I needed a mute — there are a lot of gizmos you can attach easily (and not so easily) to your violin to reduce the sound. I wanted something simple and effective — it had to be easy to slip on and off and it had to work!

Turns out it was really easy to find, too! Head to your laundry basket and grab a spring clothespin. Okay, go ahead and grab two — just in case. Slip the first clothespin onto the treble side of your violin bridge. Angle the pin downwards so it won’t interfere with your bow.

That’s it! Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at how the sound is muted. If you want even more muting, put the second pin on the bass side of the bridge. (When you do this, it looks like your violin is wearing a mustache!)

Doesn’t get much easier than this — plus there’s probably room in your case for the two clothespins. Simple, cheap, and effective (although it does look a little goofy).


5 Surprising Travel Rules for an Exciting Nomadic Career


In my experience as a digital nomad, I have become a very efficient traveler.

So here are my Top Five Tips for traveling while pursuing your nomadic career:

1. Don’t Get Tied Down – Let’s face facts: Having a nomadic career – in other words, having the ability to make money from anywhere – is easier if you don’t have a lot of personal responsibilities. If you have a wife and children, it becomes more complicated to pull up stakes and head off into the wild world. Not impossible, mind you. Just more complicated.

It has less to do with age than it has to do with commitment. Someone who is older and unattached has more freedom than somebody fresh out of college who is married and who has a child on the way. When other people are depending on you for their livelihood, it limits your freedom.

2. Beware of Material Possessions – Things are nice. People like things. They like to own nice things, like houses, fancy cars, expensive clothes, jewelry and so on. But when you are pursuing the nomadic lifestyle, the more things you carry around with you, the less freedom you have.

When it comes to material possessions, the more things you own, the more those things own you, in my experience.

For example, if you have a nice car, you want to make sure you take care of it. You may take it to the car wash every week. You are extra careful when driving it on busy city streets so it doesn’t get scratched or dented. You won’t let people eat or smoke in your car so that it doesn’t get stained or get smelly. After a while, you are no longer the car owner, but almost like an employee of that car. You are working for it, rather than the other way around.

For the nomad, the only possession you truly need is liquid assets such as money or access to money. Everything else can be bought along the way.

3. Keep Moving – There’s a whole world out there just waiting for you. Along the way, you will constantly discover beautiful new places and exciting experiences. Keep moving so that you can see as much and experience as much as possible within your limited time here on Earth.

A nomadic career can provide you with the means. It’s going to be up to you to provide the ways.

4. Keep Your Mobile Devices Charged – This can be more complicated than it sounds, particularly if your travel takes you to some of the more remote regions of the world where a dependable power supply is not guaranteed.

My advice is to invest in a portable power supply that you can keep charged all the time. That way you can plug your smart phone, tablet or laptop in so that you never lose power – and connection – with the source of your nomadic income: The Internet.

5. Follow Your Happiness – The whole point of pursuing a nomadic career is to do the things you want to do and be in the places you want to be.

But happiness isn’t a destination or an activity. It’s a state of mind. Follow the paths that make you the happiest and avoid those that cause you anxiety and frustration. Simple advice that almost nobody follows. Except nomadic warriors like you, that is.

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Traveling – It Can Be Real Fun By Car


USA is a very nice destination for tourists. Every year, a heavy crowd comes to see the beauty and magnificent sites in USA. A very important thing while traveling is by what means you are planning to travel.
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If it is by common mode of transportation, you might not enjoy the tour to the full extent.

Here are some tips for those who want to travel in USA by car as traveling by a car can be real fun.
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In case you are scheduling a first class travel vacation, you must think about the option of traveling by car.
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Traveling by your car can turn to be a stressful journey or it might turn to be very relaxing as well. It all depends upon where you are planning to go, who you are traveling with, and for how long they will be in your car.
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In a journey by car, we usually like to see towns, roads, and different tourist attractions along the way. The journey can create a very nice experience.
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Traveling by car is a bit different from the traditional journey. It is a generally less expensive mode of transportation.
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It comprises of only those who are traveling in the car. Many people like to go on summer road trips in order to witness the landscape or to visit another family that have moved to some other place. A long drive can be frustrating, but it can be made exciting and relaxing as well.
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First, you should give your car for servicing. Make sure your car is working fine so that you do not face any difficulty while traveling.
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List out the places where you can get your car fixed in case something goes wrong. Make sure you keep all the important documents with you like your registration receipt of car, your driving license, and insurance receipt, etc.
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You must be careful while driving at night. For a good and happy journey make sure your car just runs fine at night. Finally, when all the things get ready, you can plan to go for a wonderful journey.
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Top 5 Ideas For Retirement Gifts


When browsing for retirement gifts, there is one simple rule to keep in mind above all else. What will the retiree do with their free time? Each person chooses to spend their retirement in a different way, and figuring out what your friend, relative, or co-worker has planned for their newly acquired free time will steer you in the right direction. Nonetheless, there are some very popular and practical alternatives that in 2010 are cropping up at the tops of retirees wish lists.
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  • Technology
    Don’t be so surprised–even Grandma has a Facebook nowadays! As it turns out, retirees are thrilled to have time to stay connected via the internet to old friends and family. They send emails, upload photos, and even create travel blogs to share with loved ones.
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    A new gadget helps a retiree feel young and stay young. One extremely popular gadget for retirees in 2010 is an e-reader. Instead of purchasing a generic bookstore gift card, consider an e-reader as a nice gift for your retiree. They will be able to take their library with them everywhere, including plane flights, and can shop for books from anywhere they like. The latest e-readers are lightweight, user friendly, and can store massive quantities of e-books.
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    Further, e-books are significantly less expensive than the latest hardcover, so your retiree will be able to hold onto their limited retirement funds. It is not only a practical gift, but a highly desired one.
  • Gift Certificates
    Perhaps you know someone who is about to retire, but are not close enough to them to pick out a gift you know they will enjoy. A gift card, along with a nice card, is an excellent alternative. However, those who have worked long enough to make it to retirement have also probably acquired a lot of things during their lives.
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    Instead of opting for a traditional gift card-in which an object is the end result of the gift-try selecting a gift card for an experience or activity the retiree can enjoy. If they are a thrill-seeker, then go for a skydiving or rock climbing gift certificate. If they enjoy a refined environment, perhaps vouchers for a play or ballet would be appropriate. You can get gift cards or gift vouchers to almost anything, so use your imagination and the knowledge you have about the person who is retiring. Certificates to fancy restaurants, movie theaters, dancing studios, spas and golf resorts are just a few of endless options.
  • Luxury Gifts
    Once you retire, the money you have is generally limited and requires serious planning and budgeting to stretch it to the maximum. Many people reach retirement with too little funds to lead the lifestyle they would have liked to enjoy while receiving their working paycheck-except they lacked the available time. Not surprisingly, retirees love to receive the gift of these luxuries. Your retiree might love a day spa or massage voucher, or perhaps a golfing or fancy dinner voucher. Alternatively, consider an expensive bottle of wine, a gift basket of foreign delicacies, or a collection of exotic coffee and tea blends. A little time to splurge on the finer things in life is something that anyone can-and will-enjoy.
  • Travel Gifts
    Unless you have a job that requires a lot of travel, most people do not get to experience the world until they have reached retirement. If you are lucky, you have been planning a retirement budget to include the travel expenses you plan to incur during retirement. However, if you are shopping for someone who is about to retire that does plan on traveling, then a gift to aid in their journey can be the most appreciated. Pieces of luggage, passport wallets, and luggage tags are all useful gifts. Take it a step further and consider digital cameras, mini travel computers, nice journals and scrapbooks, and language guides as unconventional aids to enjoy, capture, share, and remember their journeys.
  • Hobby Gifts
    When hearing hobby gifts, you may think golf clubs and scrapbooking accessories. Though these may still be major hobbies of some retirees, today’s workforce headed towards retirement as a much more modernized idea of hobbies. Digital photography, video editing, sculpting and painting, and even SCUBA diving are all closer to the direction that today’s retirees are heading. The hobbies that your retiree is interested in are not likely to be the average cookie-cutter activities. Find out what their personal passion truly is, and if it is something you are unfamiliar with then be sure to ask the advice of a sales representative or do some internet searching before picking your final selection.


Expedia Hotel Coupon Info – All You Need to Know About This Travel Site and Its Affordable Deals


If you are looking for hotel deals, why not start with Expedia? It’s one of the world’s largest travel sites and helps millions of tourists and business travelers plan and make their reservations. You get the best technology at your fingertips for finding the lowest hotel rates as well as cheap airfare and cruise itineraries. There is usually some type of Expedia hotel coupon available for any destination.

Coupons can easily be applied to your booking form when making reservations. Depending on the type of link you click on, it might be applied automatically. If it’s a promo code, there is a box in which you enter it. If a discount is rejected, double check the expiration date and terms and conditions. There are usually more than one available at any given time so you can simply try another one.

With so many travel companies out there raising prices, it’s nice to know that there is at least one website that strives to offer the most affordable deals possible. One Expedia hotel coupon can really go a long way in helping you stretch your vacation budget. There are also corporate discounts available if you are planning to travel for business purposes.

You might want to join the Expedia Rewards Program so that you’ll have access to exclusive perks such as Hotel Price Guarantee. If you plan to travel regularly, it’ll be easy to accumulate the rewards points, which can be converted into even bigger savings on hotels, airfare, and more.

Some More Choices for Expedia Hotel Coupons

There are sections of the company’s website that all users will want to check out, such as the “Hotels for Under $99 Deals” and “Last Minute Deals”. These offers include some of the most popular destinations across the globe, including beach resorts, big city getaways, mountain retreats, amusement parks, etc. If you already do have a specific destination in mind, make use of the search tools to compare rates from thousands of hotels, inns, hostels, resorts, and other accommodation options.

Why is Expedia cheap? Why are the hotel deals so great? The company is able to provide affordable travel accommodations because it has developed partnerships with hundreds of thousands of hotels, airlines, car rental agencies, and cruise lines.

No matter which Expedia hotel coupon you use, you can always count on getting excellent customer service. You’ll also have access to “My Trip” tools where you can plan your entire itinerary after booking your fight and hotel. Look for additional coupons on dining, shopping, activities, and more.

Where would you like to go? What kind of vacation are you interested in? Or are you traveling for business? All you need for getting started is an Expedia hotel coupon or promo code. You won’t find better deals or customer service anywhere else.


Great Value Vacations Overview – Recommendations for Affordable, Fun Getaways Around the World


Pre-packaged vacation solutions are often the best option for those on a budget. You can enjoy a getaway at a popular destination by staying at a nice resort. There are great value vacations available at affordable prices to destinations in the US as well as other countries. You can go to gorgeous rainforests in places like Ecuador, or adventures in faraway places like Vietnam and Indonesia.

If you’d prefer to stay in the good ole’ USA, there are budget trips available in every state. If you’re not familiar with the destination and uncomfortable with the idea of creating your own itinerary, you can go with a Great Value Vacations package with a pre-built itinerary by travel experts.

Here are a few recommendations on affordable vacations that offer a lot of value:

Fort Worth, Texas

Just catch a flight to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, which is one of the busiest in the country. Most airlines offer reasonably-priced roundtrip flights from other cities around the world. You can expect big city entertainment and arts without having to spend much money. There is affordable accommodation located throughout the Fort Worth area as well.

Playa del Carmen

Spend at least 4 nights exploring ruins in this part of Mexico. You can spend the days looking out over the sea and hiking through eco-parks. There are pre-built packages available for less than $800 per person, which include airfare from cities such as Miami and accommodation at a nice hotel or resort.

Dublin, Ireland

If you’re interested in Great Value Vacations in Europe, Dublin is an excellent choice. You can fly to Dublin or Shannon Airport and stay for as many as 8 nights at a nice hotel for less than $1,000 a person. The great thing about Dublin is many accommodation options include historic castles. Imagine staying in a castle equipped with all modern day amenities like Wi-Fi and refrigerators.

Vietnam Tour

The country of Vietnam has so much to offer that you’ll want to experience as much as possible. Select a tour package that includes airfare to one of the main airports as well as inter-city transfers between Saigon, Hoi An, Hanoi, etc.


Visit the “Wonders of Iceland” with a 4-night getaway. There is round-trip airfare to Keflavik Airport (Reykjavik) from major US cities such as NYC. You might want to opt for a guided visit to the Golden Circle route in the southwest of the country. You’ll definitely want to see the spectacular Northern Lights.

These are just a few ideas for Great Value Vacations. There are tons of other destinations you can visit without going bankrupt.

Expedia discount travel options are always worth looking into. You can either search for specific deals or just look over the great value vacations and “hot deals” for some ideas. The site is updated every single day with the newest and best vacation package deals.


Benefits of Travel


Traveling is fun and stressful at the same time. It is always good to travel for fun and be able to see things that you have never seen before. There are many benefits of travel. People tend to stress when they travel more than have fun. When you travel, you need to be able to know where you are and where you are going. When you travel, you can discover many new places, have a nice relaxing time, and learn a lot of an area. This is all the Discovery is talking about. Traveling is fun! Some benefits of travel are:


1. Explore new places– Whenever we travel, we discover new places. This is one benefit that is going to stay with you every time you travel. When traveling, find things that interest you and you will be able to have a good time on your vacation or other trip that you are on. When you discover new places, you gain more experiences.


2. Health and Wellness– Some travels are relaxing. This is a benefit of travel is to your health. Being healthy by reducing our stress levels is solved when we travel and stay at a nice day spa. You are completely relaxed and you can help your body in many ways. Each and every one of us needs to have a time of relaxation to recycle the need of health and wellness.


3. Learn a new culture– With learning about the new discoveries from visiting places you have never been, you learn a new culture. The benefits of travel are always visible when you learn a new culture. The way people live and their traditions are sometimes weird for a lot of people but it is fun to know. Don’t be afraid of learning a new culture and dive right into it all.


Traveling is supposed to be a time of fun and adventure. With every new experience, you gain a new adventure to put into your books. When you go on vacation, the best thing about it all is bragging about the fun you had. Taking a lot of pictures helps your remember the vacation and the many benefits of travel. There are always going to be people who are going to disagree and tell you differently. But remember to always know that when you travel, it is an adventure waiting to happen. That is always fun for everyone! 


Gay Travel to Porto Region


When people think of Portugal, they think Lisbon, but there is another area which merits a visit. Porto. North of the country, it is nonetheless a great area and lots of fun.

Porto is the second largest city and the financial center of the country. It has a great Gay and Lesbian life with many clubs, shops and caf├ęs. The great thing about Porto is that the Gay and Lesbian lifestyle extends to the general area.

A nice community just 30km north of Porto is Povoa de Varzim. Nice resort with nice people. I recommend a very nice Gay Friendly hotel, The Sol Povoa Hotel, very clean, great customer service and located just walking distance from the beach. The great thing about Povoa is also its accessibility to Porto by public transport. The metro gives you a direct link from the center of Porto to Povoa de Varzim. The trip takes about 40 minutes. It makes for a great day trip without driving if you're staying in the Center of Porto. And by the way you do not need a car in Povoa as every point of interest is accessible by foot.

Another nice little village is Apulia, just 10 minutes north of Povoa witha great Gay Beach located 1/2 km from the Pacha Club. The beach has great dunes and nice fine sand. It reminds me of the Pines in New York.

So, if you're thinking of visiting Gay Portugal, do not limit yourself to Lisbon and take the time to visit the Porto area as well. And as always if you have any questions, just send me a quick hello.


Crypto Markets is red in commerce

On Thursday, 11th July, the Coin360 main cruise market is traded in the red zone and there are few coins that have a moderate profit.

The leading Cryptocinbone Bitcoin (BTC) has continued since the sharp decline since yesterday and is about $ 11,740. During the last 24 hours, the coin lost 4.39%. During the day, Bitcoin is traded at a range of $ 12,191 and $ 11,377.

On June 24, the Government continued its ban on the use of foreign currency denominations, since the Bittouin trade in Zimbabwe. In May 2018, Zimbabwe’s Central Bank does not have a local swap ban, so the trade in marmots across the country is likely to grow.

ETHY worked at a loss of 4.67% during the day and traded at around $ 273.88. The highest peak today is $ 290.15 and the lowest is $ 261.71.

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Ripple (XRP) declined by 8.81% over the previous day, which was around $ 0.329 during the press period. The third largest coin in the last week dropped 18 percent, down 16 percent every month.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), TRON (TRX) lose two digits with more than 10 percent. In addition, Bitfinex Unus Sed Leo (LEO), stabilcoin Terter (USDT), Crypto.com Chain (CRO) increased by 0.73%, 0.14%, and 7.38%.

The total market capitalization of the press is over $ 317 billion, while daily trading is $ 95 billion.

Brent’s raw coal prices fell 39 cents to $ 66.61 in traditional markets, while the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) US crude coal price rose 23 cents, or 0.4 percent, to $ 60.20. From May 23 to $ 60.94, the highest level.

An Overview of Switzerland


Switzerland is one of the most eye-popping and a dream destination for every person. Travel to Switzerland, to view the stunning alpine scenery of the country which is located in the heart of Europe. Swiss Confederation is the official name, the official languages of Switzerland are German, Italian and English. But during the travel, you can discover that the language French and English are also widely spoken throughout the country. The literacy rate is approximately 100 percent. Every individual of Switzerland is a computer literate. The health care service of the country is very outstanding. The total population is about 7.3 millions.

There are many fabulous places in Switzerland where one can find a wide range of architecture from the medieval to the modern period. The heritage churches and cathedrals, old magnificent monuments, forts and castles, steel and grass construction, all come together to justify the unique stylish cities. There are many wonderful mountains that provide a refreshing tour to the travelers, during their tour in Switzerland. In the mountain ranges one can enjoy hiking, which is the most popular and an exciting event. As the snow starts melting, the Swiss Alps become extremely crowded with the foreign tourists.

The Swiss Alps stands to a height of over 4,000m which have some fabulous peaks in the world. The icy glaciers, snow capped peaks are some of the attractions of these high peaks. Travel to Switzerland where you can witness some of high mountain peaks like Matterhorn. The mount Titlis, mount Rigi are some of fabulous places to visit in Switzerland. During your travel in the glacier paradises you can experience plenty of snowfall. While exploring these places you can experience an exciting ride on an ice flyer. In the ice flyer’s one can experience a thrilling excursion of around 130 miles roundtrip in these glacier places. Apart from the Spectacular Alps, this dream destination includes forests to enjoy hiking, lovely lakes, ancient cities, scenic countryside with picturesque of the natural treasures of meadows and farms and so on. So you can ensure a nice travel in Switzerland where you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Switzerland is a fine place to find some really fantastic treasures. The watches, clocks and the army knives are known for their quality and reasonable prices. The chocolate, music boxes and pottery are some of the renowned product all over the world. You can enjoy a world class shopping experience during your Switzerland travel on the famous Pedestrian Street. The other worth visiting place is the Swiss National Museum. Some of the attractions of the meseum include an old aircraft. This museum is located in Zurich, which is one of the most important cities in terms of commerce and finance. The city, Zurich is the hub of historical, cultural and natural hub. There is a magnificent lake in Zurich that further adds to the beauty of the city.

There are several airways that make the place Switzerland very easily accessible. Inspite of the air services there are many trains, buses and cars which ensures splendor services during your travel there. Also you can take the assistance of travel agents to make your trip more pleasant.